Other than maybe your bed, what’s the one place you don’t want pests? It has to be the kitchen. Yet pests could care less about whether or not you have a clean environment for eating foods and preparing meals.

So if you have chewed-through boxes or tiny droppings in drawers or pantries, there’s a pest problem in your kitchen. That’s why it’s so important to be proactive when it comes to prevention of these unwanted “guests.” Here are some food-storing tips that will help you and your family keep pests out of the kitchen:

Use airtight containers for leftovers

Hopefully, your family is already in the habit of cleaning up immediately after meals. Any food left out on the counter for hours at a time is essentially an open invitation for insects. After placing all dishes in the dishwasher and wiping down tables/counters, put leftovers in airtight containers. Trust us when we say that Tupperware will quickly become your best friend.

Buy food that comes in cans or jars  

Plastic, paper, and cardboard are no match for insects and rodents. That’s why we advise buying food that comes in jars or cans whenever possible. The more food that’s sealed, the less of a chance you’ll have to worry about pests causing havoc in your kitchen.

Keep food in the refrigerator or freezer

As nimble as pests can be, very few can make their way into the fridge or freezer. Not to mention, insects and rodents alike prefer a warmer environment. So as opposed to keeping a bunch of food out on the counter or table, put it in the fridge or freezer. You’ll probably find that some foods last longer when they are cool, too.

Turn down the temperature

We touched on this briefly but it’s worth discussing a bit more. Freezing dry foods for several days will kill eggs or worms that might be present since most pests can’t survive in cold temperatures. You can also double-check that foods are insect-free by putting them in the oven using a low temperature.

Clean out the pantry regularly

We’re willing to bet that your pantry has a few old, unused dry goods and maybe even a few spills. While you may not think much of it, this kind of combination is a major attraction for pests. Make it a point to sanitize your pantry as part of your kitchen cleaning routine.

Effective Pest Control

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