Bed Bug Pest Control

Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation

Over the past several years, bed bugs have made a major comeback in the DFW area, and around the country in general. Bed bugs are capable of hiding in nearly any type of space, and the only way you may know of an infestation is the evidence that they leave behind.

One of the most common and immediate signs that many experience is the itchy discomfort and small blood spots that begin to appear on their skin.

Some of the signs that you may have a bed bug infestation include:

• Skin or shells that have been shed
• Blood spots on the skin, your pajamas, or on the bed, sofa, chairs, and other surfaces
• Tiny, black fecal matter or fecal matter stains on.
• Tiny eggs.

Helping You Get Rid of Unwanted House Guests

If you are certain, or simply suspect, that a bed bug infestation is occurring inside of your home, it is crucial to act immediately. Not only do these pests make you physically uncomfortable, but, without the proper elimination services, the infestation could grow. Getting rid of these unwanted houseguests is not a simple task, as they can easily hide away in all types of cracks and crevices.

Our highly trained Springtown pest control team is able to effectively identify the source of your bed bug infestation and ensure that you get rid of bed bugs for good.