Spider Pest Control Services

Eliminate Spiders & Unsightly Webs

One of the most common fears of people throughout the United States is spiders. While many species of spider are actually quite useful in controlling the population of other pests, those that find their way indoors are considered a nuisance. Much of the damage that they cause involve unsightly webs and psychological damage to those who are scared of them. All of them are poisonous, but only some have poison that reacts with the chemistry of the human body in such a way that is detrimental to our health.

Alleviating Fears for More Than Six Decades

When you notice a spider infestation in your home or business, we know that your goal is to get rid of them for good as soon as possible. Our Springtown spider control team at Tom Samples Pest Control Services has been helping take care of spider-related problems and alleviate the fears of our customers for more than six decades and is well-prepared to assist you. We are experts in tracking down spiders to the cracks and crevices in which they hide and exterminating them permanently.

Some of the common spiders found in Texas are:

• Black Widows

• Wolf Spiders

• Recluse Spiders

Get the Facts About Spiders

While it is common to fear spiders, the large majority of these creatures are harmless. Spiders are easily identifiable by their eight legs and two body segments. Without spiders, bothersome insects and pests would be far more abundant.

While all spiders possess a pair of poison glands, not all spider venom is harmful to humans. Generally, spider bites will come with some swelling and redness, but no other symptoms. There are, however, several species of poisonous spiders present in the DFW Metroplex that you should be aware of.

Black Widow Spiders

One species that should be treated with caution is the infamous black widow spider, easily recognizable by its black body and reddish-orange marking. This hourglass-shaped mark is present on the bottom side of the abdomen. The female spiders are generally around half an inch long, while the males are about a quarter of an inch long. Sometimes after mating, the female spider will consume the male as sustenance for the young spiders. A black widow’s egg sac can hold anywhere from 25 to a staggering 900 eggs. Females who have just completed an egg sac are most likely to bite, owing to the fact that they are hungry after their tremendous effort.

About Black Widow Venom

The black widow’s venom is dangerous to humans because it is a neurotoxin. This type of venom affects the central nervous system. While the venom does pose a threat, most adults will not be harmed fatally by the bite of a black widow spider. Fatalities generally occur only in young children or the elderly. Most people, however, will only experience dull pain and cramping, generally in the abdominal area. One to three hours after the bite, the pain may reach its most intense level. It is common to suffer tremors, weakness, leg cramps, sweating, nausea, vomiting, and high blood pressure. In severe cases, difficulty breathing or falling unconscious may occur.

Recluse Spiders

• In Texas alone, there are five recorded species of recluse spiders.
• A brown recluse spider can be recognized by the dark brown marking on their bodies, which is often said to be “fiddle-shaped.”
• They grow to be approximately a third of an inch long.
• These spiders are drawn to dark places that are seldom disturbed by activity, such as wood piles, garages, and closets.
• They are nocturnal creatures and do most of their hunting at night.
• Their bites generally cause intense pain and damage to tissue.

Wolf Spiders

• A wolf spider can be recognized by the mottled pattern of gray or brown on their bodies, with marking that resembles the Union Jack on their backs.
• They can grow to be just over an inch in length.
• These spiders are generally outdoor creatures that create a nest in the ground.
• Female wolf spiders will carry their young on their backs until they are old enough to fend for themselves.
• Though this spider is not normally aggressive, it will bite if provoked.
• Some people are allergic to this spider’s venom, and it can prove deadly to these individuals. The very young or elderly are particularly at risk.