Whether you’re a previous customer or just came across our website for the first time, we want to welcome you to Tom Samples Pest Control. Keep reading as we explain who we are and why so many Springtown residents choose us as their exterminator.

Premier Pest Control Services

Family owned and operated, Tom Samples is more than just another pest control business. Rest assured that our staff takes pride in using the latest, most effective techniques. With more than six decades of industry experience, it’s easy to see why we’re one of the top pest control teams in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Integrated Pest Management

It’s never fun to discover creepy crawlies or other creatures inside your home. That’s why it’s imperative to consult a pest control company. At Tom Samples, we keep your space free of infestations with our Integrated Pest Management program.

What exactly does this entail? Well, you can count on our professionals to use the most cutting-edge techniques in precise combination. Doing so ensures a space that will be pest-free for years to come.

Pest Control Near Me

Now that you know our background, let’s dive into our areas of expertise.

  1. Cockroach control – We have yet to come in contact with a homeowner who enjoys having cockroaches in his or her home. If there are dark and damp spaces in your residence, then there’s a chance you could be dealing with a cockroach infestation. In addition to being one of the more difficult pests to exterminate, roaches can also reproduce at a rapid rate. That’s why we recommend turning to the experts at Tom Samples. Rather than settle for a short-term, “band-aid” approach, we get to the source of the problem and work to eliminate roaches for good.
  2. Ant control – Ants, like termites, can wreak havoc on your property. Take a close look at windows, decks, porches, and other areas of your residence that are susceptible to accumulating moisture. If you notice any colonies of ants, then it’s a good idea to act swiftly before any additional damage is done. When it comes to insect control, no other business does it better than Tom Samples.
  3. Bee and wasp control – We take bee and wasp infestations seriously. Not only can both cause significant property damage, but stings from bees and wasps can pose dangerous situations for those with severe allergic reactions. So, what should be your plan of action? Frankly, it’s best to leave bee and wasp dilemmas in the hands of the professionals. At Tom Samples Pest Control, we offer customized solutions that are specific to your family’s needs.
  4. Rodent control – Mice and rats are more than just a nuisance. The fact is that rodents have the ability to chew through structures, plumbing, and wiring with their teeth. Not to mention, these critters are also known to carry harmful germs and diseases. If you’re tired of putting out ineffective traps and dangerous poisons, then it’s time to contact the rodent removal experts at Tom Samples.
  5. Termite treatment – It’s amazing to think that an insect can be responsible for thousands of dollars in property damage. Unfortunately, homeowners may not see termite damage until long after most of it is done. Here at Tom Samples, our team is trained to detect such damage and prevent any further damage from occurring.

We understand you have plenty of pest control companies to choose from in the DFW area. Frankly, it’s a combination of skill, experience, integrity, honesty, and character that separates Tom Samples from the rest.

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